Business Analytics

Accurately measure and analyze your business actions

UVE Platform includes an advanced analytics module, allowing you to accurately measure and analyze your business actions.

We have incorporated more than 35 preset reports, specially adapted for the CPG sector, which allow you to analyze:

Your scorecard and sales history, volume and other KPIs, sources of growth, launch and innovation effectiveness, promotional impact, sales-force efficiency, perfect store strategy, distributor and order/OTIF performance, assortment fulfillment and white spots, customer loyalty, margins and P&L, demand forecasting and more.

We incorporate Advanced Analytics and Predictive Analytics process, in addition to constant innovations, to provide the most advanced business analytics in the CPG sector.

Thanks to the integrated Data Sharing module, you will receive unique and actionable insights for your Route-to-Market strategy.

What’s more, the analytics module integrates with the Customer Management and Distributor Management modules, as well as with the execution modules Sales Force Automation and e-commerce B2B. This will allow you to make actionable decisions and immediately execute them on the market.


Advanced analytics for your business

Icono Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Integrated Predictive Analytics, based on AI

Icono Insights


Generation of easily actionable insights

Icono Time Comparison

Time Comparison

Time comparison of sales and evolution analysis

Icono Customizable


Create customized reports

Icono Specialized Reports

Specialized Reports

35+ CPG-specialized reports

Icono Census


Optional integration of sector census and ad hoc creation

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