Data science

Obtain maximum data quality and apply AI to your commercial strategy

UVE Platform utilizes the latest developments in data science, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, for all integration, quality and data analysis processes.

We develop unique algorithms to obtain the highest level of data quality in Data Sharing processes with your distributors, ensuring proper matching and allowing for precise analyses using the Business Analytics module.

Our processes allow for the creation and integration of external data sources such as sector census and geomarketing information to enrich your existing data and gain a deep understanding of your commercial universe.

Thanks to the integration of AI within the UVE Platform, you can improve demand forecasts with predictive analytics and create order suggestions/personalized promotions based on your customers’ purchasing patterns.


Our initiatives in the data science field

Icono Data Integration

Data Integration

Standardization, alignment and matching from various sources

Icono Data Excellence

Data Excellence

KPIs and alerts for data management and control

Icono Data Quality

Data Quality

Deduplication, matching and alignment of different databases

Icono Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Enrich your data using sources of any origin

Icono Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

90-day forecast of your sales using AI

Icono Census


Optional integration of sector census and ad hoc creation

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