Data sharing

From Sell In to Sell Out visibility

UVE Platform incorporates a unique Data Sharing model specially suited to modern and fragmented trade, allowing you to link in Sell-Out data from any ERP in your distributor network or integrate data directly from retailers in any format.

We adapt to the specific needs of each project, integrating data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Our specific Data Science processes, based on artificial intelligence, allow for automated data matching as well as the enrichment of information with external data sources, providing a comprehensive view of your customers and points of sale.

Gain the maximum data (SKU/POS) detail and generate high-granularity insights to boost decision-making via automatic integration using UVE’s Business Analytics Module.

What’s more, thanks to Sell-Out integration with the Distributor Management module, you can obtain accurate data on manufacturer–distributor operations and automate processes.


Successfully develop your Data Sharing processes

Icono Specialized Data Sharing

Specialized Data Sharing

A Unique model for modern and fragmented trade

Icono ERP Connection

ERP Connection

Automated connection with 400+ ERPs and the possibility for additional development

Icono Project Customization

Project Customization

Integration of data adapted for any need

Icono Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

Maximum granularity (SKU/POS) for decision-making

Icono Data Excellence

Data Excellence

Data collection, cleansing, matching and enrichment

Icono Quality Alerts

Quality Alerts

Exhaustive monitoring of the entire data sharing process

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