Sell Out in the fragmented trade

Achieve full visibility on the fragmented channel

Dominate the fragmented trade channel and view direct distribution-sales at the POS via Sell-Out visibility.

UVE Platform allows you to successfully establish a business model around manufacture–distributor collaboration, based on real business data to boost sales and sales-force efficiency at the POS.

UVE’s unique Data Sharing module and our Data Science processes provide you with access to aggregate data across your entire distribution network and let you carry out advanced analyses on these data using the Business Analytics module, built into UVE Platform.

Transfer all of your data intelligence knowledge to your sales force, to set out successful business plans and achieve the perfect store at the point of sale.


Dominate the fragmented trade

Icono Sell-Out Visibility

Sell-Out Visibility

End-to-end connection between manufacturer and distributor

Icono Quality Control

Quality Control

Verification mechanisms and data-quality alerts

Icono Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Maximum data (SKU/POS) detail with integrated analytics

Icono Integrated AI

Integrated AI

Data quality process based on AI and Machine Learning

Icono Effectiveness at the POS

Effectiveness at the POS

Automation of basic sales-force actions

Icono Census


Optional integration of sector census and ad hoc creation

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